You can now add thumbnails to your posts in heyo!

To add a thumbnail to your post you just need to add the variable thumbnail to the front-matter. For the thumbnail you can define:

Parameter Description Default
src Image source, can be any URL or relative path
alt The image’s alt value, can be any string thumbnail
object_postion Values that will be passed to the image’s object-position 50% 50%
height Thumbnail container height 1 250px


The thumbnail in this post was generated by the following section in the front-matter:

    src: 'images/thumbnail.jpg'
    alt: 'Post thumbnail'
    object_position: '50% 100%'
    height: 250px


Imi – the character in this thumbnail – was graciously provided by TD Vadilho, you should checkout his website and YouTube!

  1. The thumbnail height default is 250px. It is managed by the --thumbnail-size CSS variable, you can easily override it globally with custom CSS. ↩︎