What is Voi?

The Consensus

Voi a layer-1 blockchain solution that starts with Algorand’s technology. Algorand offers a proven consensus mechanism that will allow us to innovate in more impactful areas and get to mainnet faster with significantly lower capital requirements. Leveraging this consensus also allows us to invest more resources in those contributing real value to the network.

Wallet Protocol

Voi uses a new wallet technology that we call VoiID. VoiID solves the primary pain points felt when using blockchain applications:

  1. Multi-step transaction approval process
  2. Complex private key and identification method
  3. Requirement to hold the native token in your wallet to use the blockchain

Voi creates a user experience similar to web2, contributing to Voi’s goal of bringing the blockchain to mainstream audiences.

An interactive game to establish a solid foundation with the support of our Voiagers and vital applications.

Selebihnya, kalian bisa baca di sini atau di sini

Apa yang dibutuhkan?

Pertama, kalian harus isi form d sini

Kedua, kalian butuh spek vps minimal dn yang direkomendasikan kek gini:

Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirements
4 CPU cores 8 CPU cores
100 GB storage 100 GB storage
100 Mbps network 1 Gbps network

Detail on read ths

ketiga, penyimpanan (optional) nah, di atas kan butuh storage 100GB, aku mau buat alokasi disk 100GB buat node voi ini. gimana caranya?

fallocate -l 100G voi.img

lalu format ur file

mkfs.ext4 voi.img

mount ur file :

mkdir voi
sudo mount -o loop voi.img voi

finnaly cek makek command ini:

df -h

yok dah

Setting up a new Voi Node

New to voi?

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/VoiNetwork/voi-swarm/main/install.sh)"

Using an Existing Account/Address with Mnemonic?

For installing with an existing account or mnemonic, use this method. After installation, update your name and GUID for health rewards if setting up on a new server.

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/VoiNetwork/voi-swarm/main/install.sh)"

Installing Without Wallet Setup (advanced)?

Selengkapnya kalian bisa baca di sini


jika ada yg mau ditanyakan, silahkan kalian bertanya di replyku atau di discord voi join here

NB: Voi Checker

You must run this node for 3-6 months, so think about it first before you proceed to the next steps 🍸